Murrell Hall International Photography | Ancient Treasures of Modern Jordan

Some would argue that the Roman ruins at Jerash, Jordan are even more spectacular than those of Rome itself. Judge for yourself. For the photographer Jerash is an absolute dream – with easy access to colonnaded streets, churches, theatres, plazas and arches in wonderful condition. Totally different, Petra dates back to the 8th Century BC. It was a thriving city, carved out of a red rock hillside, but was wrecked by Arabs in the 7th century. Its wonders were only rediscovered two hundred years ago.
Jordan - Petra - The Obelisk TombJordan - Petra - The Bab al-Siq TricliniumJordan - Petra - Entrance to The Siq (Canyon leading to the lost city)Jordan - Petra - The Siq (shaft) passagewayJordan - Petra - El KhaznehJordan - Petra - The grand Treasury carved into the rose-hued rockJordan - Petra - The Treasury dates from 1st Century BCJordan - Petra - Local Transport -Camel-Ship of the DesertJordan - Petra - Camel portraitJordan - Petra - Camel profileJordan - Petra - Local Transport - BurrosJordan - Petra - The Nabataeans' Roman-style theatreJordan - Petra - dated from 8th Century BC-Homes were carved into the sandstoneJordan - Petra - Local Bedouin Homes (until just a few years ago)Jordan - Petra - Qsar al Bint al-Faroun - Palace of the Pharaoh's DaughterJordan - Petra - Temple of the Winged Lions c.1st Century BCJordan - Petra - Departing via The SiqJordan - Amman -Atop the Citadel-Ruins - The temple of HerculesJordan - Amman - Ruins-The Temple of Hercules c.161-166 ADJordan - Amman - Jordan Archaeological Museum Treasures 1