Murrell Hall International Photography | Elephants of Southern Africa

The African Elephant – Earth’s largest land animal is in crisis. Last year alone, tens of thousands of animals were needlessly slaughtered by poachers - to fulfill the insatiable Far East demand for their tusks. These magnificent, intelligent animals are truly endangered by poaching and loss of habitat. Such slaughter, just to make trinkets or totally useless "medicines," is a horrid commentary on those responsible. A portion of the income from any sale from this gallery will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund ( to support anti-poaching efforts. These images were recorded in: Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana.
Elephants - Portrait 1Elephants - Profile 1Elephants - Portrait 2Elephants - Profile 2Elephants - Trumpeting 1Elephants - Portrait 3Elephants - Profile 3Elephants - Greeting Old FriendsElephants - Portrait 4Elephants - Profile 4Elephants - Reaching High for Food 1Elephants - Reaching High for Food 2Elephants - Reaching High for Food 3Elephants - Reaching High for Food 4Elephants - Portrait 5Elephants - Profile 5Elephants - Leaving the Water Hole at SunsetElephants - At SunsetElephants - Mud BathElephants - After a Mud Bath 1