Murrell Hall International Photography | Lions of Southern Africa

The number of African Lions is dwindling every year due to human encroachment on their habitats. The “king of the jungle” already appears on some lists of endangered species. Our pictures were taken in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. A portion of the income from any sale from this galley will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund ( to assist in habitat preservation.
Lions - Females on the MarchLions - BrothersLions - Big YawnLions - Male Portrait 1Lions - Male Portrait 2Lions - Female Portrait 1Lions - Male SnarlLions - Black Maned MaleLions - Female WalkaboutLions - Adult Male 1Lions - Adult Male 2Lions - Male and Two FemalesLions - Female Profile 1Lions - Female Snarl 1Lions - Female Profile 2Lions - Male Portrait 3Lions - Courting RitualLions - Female Portrait 2Lions - Female YawnLions - Female Snarl 2