Murrell Hall International Photography | Birds of Southern Africa

Birds of Southern Africa - These images of our winged friends were recorded in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa. To assist in their habitat protection, a portion of the income from any sale from this gallery will be contributed to the World Wildlife Fund (
African Birds - Bateleur EagleAfrican Birds - Carmine Bee Eaters 1African Birds - Carmine Bee Eaters 2African Birds - CraneAfrican Birds - Egyptian GooseAfrican Birds - Goliath HeronAfrican Birds - Grey HeronAfrican Birds - Ground BustardAfrican Birds - Ibis and CraneAfrican Birds - OstrichAfrican Birds - Penguin 1African Birds - Penguin 2African Birds - Red Billed HornbillAfrican Birds - Sacred Ibis in Flight 1African Birds - Scared Ibis in Flight 2African Birds - Splendid StarlingAfrican Birds 1African Birds 2African Birds 3