Some would argue that the Roman ruins at Jerash, Jordan are even more spectacular than those of Rome itself. Judge for yourself. For the photographer Jerash is an absolute dream – with easy access to colonnaded streets, churches, theatres, plazas and arches in wonderful condition. Totally different, Petra dates back to the 8th Century BC. It was a thriving city, carved out of a red rock hillside, but was wrecked by Arabs in the 7th century. Its wonders were only rediscovered two hundred years ago.
Jordan - Petra - The Obelisk TombJordan - Petra - The Bab al-Siq TricliniumJordan - Petra - Entrance to The Siq (Canyon leading to the lost city)Jordan - Petra - The Siq (shaft) passagewayJordan - Petra - El KhaznehJordan - Petra - The grand Treasury carved into the rose-hued rockJordan - Petra - The Treasury dates from 1st Century BCJordan - Petra - Local Transport -Camel-Ship of the DesertJordan - Petra - Camel portraitJordan - Petra - Camel profileJordan - Petra - Local Transport - BurrosJordan - Petra - The Nabataeans' Roman-style theatreJordan - Petra - dated from 8th Century BC-Homes were carved into the sandstoneJordan - Petra - Local Bedouin Homes (until just a few years ago)Jordan - Petra - Qsar al Bint al-Faroun - Palace of the Pharaoh's DaughterJordan - Petra - Temple of the Winged Lions c.1st Century BCJordan - Petra - Departing via The SiqJordan - Amman -Atop the Citadel-Ruins - The temple of HerculesJordan - Amman - Ruins-The Temple of Hercules c.161-166 ADJordan - Amman - Jordan Archaeological Museum Treasures 1